Scar Treatment

Scar treatment with transplantation is the process of closing the traumatized area on the skin as a result of burns or injury to hair follicles. Grafts (hair follicles) taken from the donor area (neck area between the two ears) are planted in the traumatized area and the scars are camouflaged. Scar treatment can be applied by planting method, regardless of woman or man. The most important issue in this application is the selection of grafts in the appropriate structure. If a burn or scar in the head area is to be closed, double and triple roots should be preferred in order for the closure to give the desired result. The roots to be covered in the beard area should be similar to the beard and single roots, and thin roots should be preferred for the closure to be made in the eyebrow area.

Planting for scar treatment should be planted more frequently. The more frequently the traumatized area is transplanted, the more likely that grafts that cannot be attached as a result of trauma will be insufficient, to the same extent. Scar treatment can also be applied to arms and legs if desired. Since the area to be treated is traumatized, supporting the transplantation process with Prp or Autologous Stem Cell treatment will ensure that the result is at the maximum level.