Ophtalmic Treatments

Ophtalmic Treatments

The eye is the organ that affects the quality of life and daily life of the person most intensely among the sense organs. Any problem in the eye that makes it difficult to see directly affects the sensory and cognitive integrity of the person. According to the latest research; People who have vision problems or who have to wear glasses-lens have lower adaptation to work and social life and higher concentration problems compared to others. In these studies, it has been observed that vision problems directly increase the stress level of the person and cause self-confidence. (eg, difficulty in traffic-driving, not being able to participate in social and sports activities, etc.) Researches show that visual impairment directly affects the happiness rate as well as the quality of life of the person.

Eye Laser Applications

Thanks to the changing and developing health technologies, people with eye defects can easily get rid of these problems. Although Eye Laser operations are not large and painful operations, discharge procedures are also performed within a few hours. In order to complete the development of the eye, it is necessary to complete the age of 18 to have an eye laser application. For the eye laser, the corneal thickness should be determined by the specialist.

No Touch Lazer

No Touch Laser is not a surgical procedure. The procedure is done without touching the eyes. It is applied to people who have problems with seeing far and near. The eye is anesthetized with the help of anesthetic drops and the procedure is completed within minutes without any incision in the eye.

LASIK (Excimer Laser)

The LASIK method is used to relieve hyperopia and myopia problems. It is the process of taking back a valve (corneal flap) that has been removed from the cornea and giving an excimer laser beam to the tissue under it. The procedure is performed with the help of anesthetic drops. The person undergoing the operation does not feel any pain. Within 3/4 days after the operation, the patient’s visual functions begin to improve.

iLASIK (Intralase LASIK)

The iLASIK method is used to eliminate the problems of hyperopia, metropia and astigmatism. The iLASIK method is made by using wavefront and idesing technology by custom planning. Detailed analysis of the eye is made with the wavefront method. With iDesign technology, laser treatment is applied to the eye without using a knife. The operation takes 10 minutes in total. Blurred vision may be experienced for a few days after the operation. Total recovery occurs within two weeks after the operation.


Laser procedures to be applied to the eye are performed to eliminate myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and, if appropriate, keratoconus problems. This treatment method is also called eye drawing among the people.