Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that employs laser light to promote hair growth and enhance the condition of hair follicles. In order to cure hair loss, thinning hair, and pattern baldness, this procedure is frequently done.

A portable device that emits low-level laser light is placed directly over the scalp during laser hair therapy. The blood flow to the hair follicles is stimulated by the light’s penetration of the skin, which can enhance their general health and promote hair growth.

It can be applied on the next day of the hair transplant procedure (after washing/dressing) to support the result of the hair transplant, or it can be applied to stop the hair loss and revitalize the hair that has just started to fall out. A hair laser applied regularly after hair transplantation maximizes the adhesion and strengthening of the transplanted hair.

Depending on the specific needs of the patient, this treatment is often administered over the course of many weeks or months in a series of sessions. There is often no downtime needed following treatment because it is non-invasive and generally painless.

The efficiency of laser hair restoration treatment might vary depending on the patient and the severity of their hair loss, even though clinical trials have shown encouraging outcomes. Like with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to get the advice of a trained expert before deciding whether laser hair removal is the best course of action for you.