Genital Aesthetic

Genital aesthetics is no longer concealable. When we mention aesthetics, although we think of operations that complement the external appearance such as breast and nose, and strengthen visual aesthetics, vaginal aesthetic operations have become more important for women than all other aesthetic operations. Just as body aesthetics may be needed as a result of aging or childbirth, vaginal aesthetics is also needed. Just as visually corrected body aesthetics affect the psychology of the person, vaginal aesthetics affect the same there and can cause coldness in sexual life. Vaginal aesthetics is not an operation to be ashamed of, it is also a compulsory operation for a healthy marriage and a healthy sexual life. Like all other aesthetic operations, the person returns to his normal life in a short time and there is no need for long rest periods.


The labiaplasty operation takes its name from the lip-shaped structures on the outside of the vagina. Depending on the age or genetically, these structures can be very large or small. This operation means correcting and reshaping the external appearance of the vagina. The aim is to both tighten and plump the labia and increase sexual pleasure thanks to the tightened labia.

Vaginal Strengthening

Vaginal aesthetics is a surgical operation that is generally performed due to sagging due to age or loosening of the vagina due to childbirth and also to increase sexual pleasure. In this operation, while the external appearance of the vagina is corrected, intravaginal narrowing is also performed. Intravaginal tightening is performed due to the relaxation of the vaginal muscles and the increase in the inner-outer width. These relaxations reduce sexual pleasure over time and create negative effects on the person psychologically. Surgically, the vaginal canals are narrowed and relaxed muscle structures are reorganized.