Dental Implant

A dental implant is a dental prosthesis procedure that replaces tooth loss and is placed in the gums with the help of a titanium screw. A dental implant looks and works like dentures (dentures applied on top of your own teeth) but is more permanent and durable than dentures.

Dental implants are preferred to fill the gap caused by tooth loss, to prevent the toothed prosthesis from falling or slipping, to prevent deterioration of gingiva, and at the same time to offer a more permanent and durable tooth structure compared to toothed prostheses.

Implant application consists of several stages and a treatment process is planned considering the patient’s structure.

For the implant application, panoramic x-rays and 3D dental tomographies are taken and it is decided whether the person is suitable for implant treatment. Implant placement, which is the first step for eligible patients, begins. Although the duration of this procedure varies according to how many implants will be made in the patient, the average time for each implant procedure is 30 minutes. The procedure can be performed with local or general anesthesia, depending on preference. It is a painless and painless process. Acceptance/reaction of the implants to the body takes 7-10 days. At the end of this period, there is no reaction that will take place in the future.

After the implants are placed, the waiting period begins. For prostheses to be placed on the implants, the implants must be completely fused in the placed area. Although this period varies according to the structure of the patient, it covers an average of 2-4 months. During the waiting period, the necessary measurements are taken for the prostheses to be placed on the implant, and the prostheses are prepared and formed. At this stage, it will need to be rehearsed several times in order to achieve the most appropriate and aesthetic result.

At the end of the waiting and preparation process, the prostheses prepared are placed on the implants and the patient now has the teeth that he can use comfortably for a lifetime.