Breast Aesthetics

Breast Enlargement

he simplest and most painless procedure among breast aesthetic surgeries is breast prosthesis. It is distinguished from other breast surgeries in terms of the way the prosthesis is applied, and the most aesthetic appearance is obtained with breast prosthesis surgery in terms of not leaving any scars on the breast. Breast augmentation surgery is an application for patients who are not satisfied with the size of their breast form and who want their breast shape to be more voluminous and fuller. Since the female breast is considered the most important element of femininity, every woman who does not like her breasts can easily have this application done. Breast prosthesis is made by choosing the appropriate and size prosthesis determined by considering the body dimensions – structure (height, weight, shoulder structure) of the person. In today’s technology, painful and painful systems are not used as before. Depending on the prosthesis chosen, you can easily have surgery with prostheses placed under the muscle with an incision made from the armpit or placed on the chest with an incision made under the breast, and you can continue your normal life in a short time. Structurally, prostheses are divided into two. Prosthesis with saline and silicone gel. Although the risk of explosion of silicones is low (3%), no negative situation is observed in your body when a saline silicone ruptures. Physiological silicones are excreted from the body indirectly. The explosion of the silicone gel prosthesis is understood after at least one year and the prosthesis can be renewed with a small operation.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction operation can be applied both because of aesthetic concerns and because it causes physical discomfort. Breast reduction surgery can be performed if the person’s body structure – as in the same breast augmentation operation, draws a profile contrary to their anatomy. Just as the breasts of a person whose breasts are small according to their own size can be enlarged, reduction surgery can be performed on our large and heavy breasts. Breasts that look very large when we look at our body both negatively affect the aesthetic appearance and cause many physiological disorders. eg; lower back and neck pain – hernia, hunching.

Humpback and not being able to stand upright also bring psychological traumas, as the person constantly tries to hide their breasts. In this operation, a scar remains on the chest. After 1 year, the aesthetic suture will become vague with the help of special creams.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Breast lift surgery may sag over time due to genetic reasons or due to aging, excessive weight gain and loss and the effect of gravity. Even if your breast size is not very large, the sagging seen in the breast destroys the aesthetic appearance. Emptying the inside of the breast and leaving the skin on its own destroys the upright and lively appearance of the breast and brings the breast sagging. With this operation, the breast is not reduced, but the sagging breast tissue is reshaped and brought into an upright shape. Prosthesis can also be applied to patients who want to increase their breast size with this operation.


While drug treatment is recommended for adolescent gynecomastia, it may occur due to hormonal problems in later ages or due to medications used or due to additional supplements (steroids). The treatment of gynecomastia is only surgery. In some patients, fat tissue is removed by applying liposuction before the procedure. After this operation, no regrowth is observed in the breasts and the risk of breast cancer, which can also be seen in men, is prevented as a result of the operation.