Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift or hip augmentation operations can be performed in two ways. The first and recommended technique is the hip shaping operation, which is performed by adding the fat taken from the person’s body by the liposuction method to the person’s hip. With this method, the person not only gets rid of waist, abdomen, leg, and back fat and has a more aesthetic appearance, but also obtains a more upright butt appearance by injecting the fats taken in a more natural way, without the need for silicone placement. The second method is done using a silicone prosthesis. This method is applied in cases where people who want to have hip surgery want a more upright and tense appearance.

Three essential phases are commonly involved in the Brazilian butt lift. To start, the surgeon will liposuction the donor area(s) of the body to remove fat. The fat is then prepared for injection after being cleansed. The purified fat is then delicately injected into various buttocks regions to get the desired shape and volume. To get a natural-looking result, the surgeon will deliberately implant the fat in the buttocks’ various layers and regions. The incisions are finally stitched up, and the patient is given some time to heal.

Depending on how extensive the treatment is, it is often carried out under general anesthesia and could take several hours to complete. Depending on the patient and the complexity of the procedure, recovery times vary, but most patients can resume work and daily activities two to three weeks after surgery. For several weeks following the treatment, patients are typically instructed to refrain from sitting or resting on their backs to promote optimal recovery.

BBL has risks and potential problems, including infection, bleeding, and alterations in feeling, just like any surgical operation. Before having the treatment, it’s crucial for patients to thoroughly weigh their alternatives, select a qualified and experienced surgeon, and go over any worries or questions they might have.