Body Aesthetics

Tummy Tuck

The appearance of a saggy abdomen often occurs after giving birth due to excessive weight gain or loss in women or pregnancy. This application is performed to remove the excess fat in the abdominal region, along with the excess fat that loosens and sagging due to these fats, to give the abdomen a tighter and more vigorous appearance.


In a simple way, liposuction is the process of melting the resistant fats in certain parts of our body, which we cannot achieve with sports and diet, with liquid and then removing the fat from the body with the help of thin cannulas. Liposuction has never been a weight loss/slimming method. Liposuction is a way of getting rid of regional fat. The amount of fat that can be removed from the body by liposuction cannot exceed 3 to 5 kg. For this reason, people who want to have liposuction should aim to reach their ideal weight and then apply liposuction for the fats they cannot lose with diet and sports.

Maternity Aesthetics (Mommy MakeOver)

This process, which we call Maternity Aesthetics, has actually emerged as a result of the merging of a process title. You can have the planned procedures for maternity aesthetics done alone, or you can have it done by going through a few procedures at once in the form of Mommy MakeOver. As the name suggests, this procedure is performed in order to correct the negative changes in the postpartum women’s bodies and to restore the body to its former aesthetic appearance. Many women experience excessive weight gain during pregnancy. After birth, these fat deposits cause sagging with the body’s decrease to normal hormone levels and weight loss. While the fat in certain parts of the body cannot be lost, the remaining fat in these areas causes deformity. (eg, arm, shoulder, back, side abdomen) Breasts that swell and become fuller with pregnancy lose their form after breastfeeding and experience sagging. At the same time, the vagina may lose its former form after childbirth and sagging of the inner lips of the vagina may occur. Mommy MakeOver means that all of these processes are planned at once, on demand. Before the operation, Liposuction is applied and regional fats are removed. Afterward, tummy tuck and labiaplasty procedures are performed, and excess fat and skin that causes sagging are recovered. With the latest breast prosthesis and lifting operation, the breasts are restored to their former erect and lively form. Mommy MakeOver is personalized. While the person is doing all the above-mentioned procedures, the patient may not have the transactions that she does not need.

HIP Enlargement BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Hip augmentation operations can be performed in two ways. The first and recommended technique is the hip shaping operation, which is performed by adding the fat taken from the person’s body by the liposuction method to the person’s hip. With this method, the person not only gets rid of waist, abdomen, leg, and back fat and has a more aesthetic appearance, but also obtains a more upright butt appearance by injecting the fats taken in a more natural way, without the need for silicone placement. The second method is done using a silicone prosthesis. This method is applied in cases where people who want to have hip surgery want a more upright and tense appearance.