Autological Stem Cell Therapy

Autological Stem Cell Therapy (Autologous Micro Graft)

Autologous stem cell therapy in hair transplantation briefly; It is the process of injecting the stem cells obtained from the hair follicles taken from the donor area of ​​the person (the nape between the two ears) with the Fue technique, into the scalp of the person after a special process. Stem cells are regenerative cells by nature. Stem cell transplantation performed in many areas is a significant therapeutic procedure. Autologous stem cell therapy in the hair area can be used in hair transplantation, as well as for people who do not plan to have a hair transplant and who have local hair loss / thinning.

Autologous stem cell therapy in hair transplantation; It is done just before the hair transplant procedure. The hair follicles taken with the Fue technique are sent for preparation. (average 40 minutes – 1 hour) meanwhile, the patient is made ready for the sowing process, so there is no extra waiting period. After the stem cells are prepared, the stem cells are injected into the areas planned to be transplanted before the transplantation process is started.

The rate of recovery and result of hair transplantation with autologous stem cells; It is 50-60% higher than transplants without stem cell treatment. Stem cell therapy not only revitalizes existing weak hair, but also supports the formation of new hair cells, so that the recovery and hair growth time after the procedure is 10-12 months on average, thus, within 6 months,

Results to be obtained in 1 year are taken. Although it can be applied to anyone who wants stem cell therapy, it is especially recommended for patients with large hair gaps, which cannot be closed in a single session; because the unhealthy hair of the people who can not get a sufficient number of grafts is aimed to be revitalized with stem cell treatment, resulting in a more lush appearance and a result that will not require a second session. It has no allergenic effect.