Arthroplastic Robotic Surgery (Mako Robotic Surgery)

Knee and Hip Robotic Surgery (Mako Robotic Surgery)

Arthroplasty Robotic Surgery is the process of replacing the surfaces of the joints as a result of calcification. The problematic joint is replaced with metallic parts and an artificial joint is created. The purpose of the procedure is to correct the movement and deformity in the joint and to relieve the pain in the muscle, thus the patient’s freedom of movement is restored. It is an advanced auxiliary system that is used during the operation in knee and hip prostheses to give the closest result to one hundred percent. The robot helps the implantation of the planned prosthesis to be implemented as planned.

First of all, detailed computerized tomography is taken for the patient who will undergo the operation, and all the data of the patient are uploaded to the robotic surgery system in 3-D with the help of tomographic imaging. The program determines the most suitable form of the prosthesis to be applied to the knee or hip of the patient and is placed on a virtual model. In light of this information, the surgeon who will perform the operation places the prosthesis with the help of the robot in an almost 100% compatible manner. The risk of prosthetic dislocation that can be seen in surgeries performed with this system has been reduced from 4% to 1%, and the risk of embolism is almost nonexistent.