About Us

Bella Health Tourism is an intermediary institution that was established with the aim of ensuring that health tourists who want to receive health services from abroad reach the most accurate health service in Turkey and has a class A travel agency (TURSAB document no 12730) certificate registered with TURSAB and the right to conduct international health tourism which has ‘Health Authorization Certificate’.

At Bella Tourism, we organize health tourism organizations between the leading countries of the European continent such as England, France, Germany, and the USA – Canada and Turkey.

At Bella Tourism, we organize accommodation and VIP transfers by directing the citizens of the countries who want to receive health services to a specialist and high-quality health institution in which field they wish to receive assistance.

While receiving these services, the health tourist will have translators who provide 24/7 help and support in their mother tongue for every possible question, problem, and problem during the travel planning (including before and after).

Partner Hospitals

  • Hisar Continental Hospital
  • NP Brain Hospital
  • Pendik Regional Hospital
  • DR Sait Examination

Partner Hotels

  • Kartal Titanic Business Otel

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my transportation be provided?

As soon as you arrive in Turkey, we welcome you at the airport. We provide your transfer to your accommodation in comfort with our VIP vehicles.

Do you assist with return transportation?

After the end of your trip, we organize your return. During your return transportation, our specially appointed assistant guides you to the airport.